We supply sewage and industrial wastewater treatment plants

  • We offer complete solutions including technological and technical design;
  • design works and engineering;
  • manufacturing;
  • delivery and installation;
  • guarantee and post-guarantee services.


Complex services in the area of wastewater treatment

Besides direct deliveries and installations of wastewater treatment plants HYDROTECH provides all services and activities connected with technological design, preparation of project documentation, engineering and services after realisation.



For over 30 years of its existence HYDROTECH has completed hundreds of wastewater treatment plants.

Our wastewater treatment plants can be found in approximately 20 countries on 4 continents.

Municipalities, small industrial companies and significant industrial producers are customers of HYDROTECH.


We give life back to water, HYDROTECH

Water is the most important component of our planet's environment. Consequently, it is in the interests of us all to protect it and use it sensibly. A change in its quality is immediately reflected in the quality of the environment and people's lives. Therefore, giving life back to water is the credo of HYDROTECH.

The history of HYDROTECH companies started in 1978 when HYDROTECH (Water and Environmental Engineering) Ltd. was founded in Cyprus.


We offer complete solutions

We offer complete solutions

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Inauguration of the new headquarters of Hydrotech s.r.o.

The continuous development of the company Hydrotech s.r.o. in the Czech Republic raised the question of the need to obtain additional staff and increasing the office and production space. In 2013, it was therefore decided to build a new headquarters in Modřice near the South Moravian metropolis Brno.

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