SlužbyConsulting and Advisory Services

Our company offers a possibility of verification of operational parameters of wastewater treatment plants, evaluation of the technical condition of existing facilities as well as the entire operation of the WWTP. Based on the analyses we prepare a technical proposal of wastewater treatment technology or the upgrading of the wastewater treatment process in the existing wastewater treatment plant in accordance with customer requirements and valid legislation.

As part of our services, the HYDROTECH company specialists work out expertises, technology assessments and feasibility studies for clients.

Design work

HYDROTECH employs enough specialists from all professional fields related to wastewater treatment. As part of its services the company can provide project documentations for all stages of the project.


Within the framework of "turn-key delivery" HYDROTECH provides complex engineering services including working out of project documentation and its approval by state administration authorities, supervision during installation, working out as-built documentation and administrative activities related to the start-up of WWTP.

Monitoring, operational measurements

Especially for industrial waste water with a specific composition it is necessary to verify the possibility of treatment with requested treatment efficiency. For this purpose, experienced process engineers of HYDROTECH perform laboratory or pilot plant monitoring for testing the proposed technology and treatment efficiency.


The quality of our services is ensured by guarantee and post-guarantee servicing. Service is carried out by our own service centers.