Hydrotech attended the international conference of Paques company

Our long-time partner Paques organized the intern conference called Product & Sales conference 2019 at the end of the November and Hydrotech was invited too. Two members of Slovak Hydrotech and two members of Russian Hydrotech met in Zwolle, the Netherlands, where the conference was held. Except highly respected persons such as Mr. Vellinga and Mr. Buisman who have contributed to significant discoveries in the field of wastewater treatment, we met long-time company friends and people who we are cooperating with in the USA or in Russian federation. The whole conference was conducted in a very friendly atmosphere full of inspiration and enthusiasm for the achievements in the field of anaerobic treatment of highly polluted wastewater, biological sulphur removal from biogas or for example of nitrogen biological removal by granular sludge. Beside these more technical aspects, we also dealt with an ability to explain more clearly the way and advantages of anaerobic wastewater treatment plants to the customer. The whole time spent in Zwolle was full of interviews, presentations, debates and discussion with interesting people across the world from Brazil, through Europe, China, Australia to the Pacific, across all possible positions within the Paques structure, from logistics, service, process engineers, salesmen, and directors.

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