These water protection campaigns have a strong message for all of us

Their purpose is to draw attention to serious facts about the lack of water and its pollution, the protection of drinking water resources, but also the oceans and underwater life.

The intent of our work in Hydrotech is to bring the polluted water back to life by using wastewater treatment plants. We realize how great the value of water is for us all. But do you realize this too? If not, then the following campaigns may change it.

Their purpose is to draw attention to serious facts about the lack of water and its pollution, the protection of drinking water resources, but also the oceans and underwater life. This, in particular suffers because of the waste that we discharge into the seas daily.

Let us think for a moment, change our attitude to water as such and protect it until we have time.

Following printed media should be able to tell you for us.

1. Do not waste water

On our blog, we've already informed you of several serious facts that are related to the lack of drinking water. For example, about one person out of 9 people in the world has no access to drinking water.

Therefore, if you just let the tap water flow, remember that. Or at least remember these visuals of the Al Ain Zoo campaign.



2. The real treasure

According to data, by 2030 global demand for water will increase by as much as 50%, as a result of which we will have to find new ways to treat wastewater.

Based on this fact, our priorities will probably change significantly. What will be of real value for us will no longer be precious stones. Finally, this is exactly the following visual.


3. Polluted water kills

Another striking fact is that up to 1 in 5 deaths of children under 5 years of age cause illnesses associated with drinking contaminated water. That's what this print is really pointing out.


4. What you give is what you get

Or what you throw in the ocean, as if you was throwing it into yourself. Striking graphics that show sushi made from garbage is reminded by the Surfrider Foundation. The campaigner warns that US West Coast fish consume up to 12,000 tons of plastic per year.


The same organization again highlights the fact that the cigarette butts that we throw into waters and sewers often end up in fish stomachs. They confuse it with food. And if it doesn´t  kill them, they will end up just as part of our dinner.


5. Don´t do what you do not want others to do to you

Ocean Conservancy, a not-for-profit organization, also highlights the pollution of oceans. In our earlier campaign it asks us why we are behaving to sea life as we never behave to ourselves?

Imagine that you would have to bathe in water full of rubbish. This is certainly not a nice idea.


6. Clean water for the next generation

We do not know who is the author of the last visual, but let us use it as the conclusion of our article. In the original way, all of us are referring to saving the water for the next generation. Sources of drinking water are slowly but surely getting smaller so they need to be treated reasonably.


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