Successful finishing of intensification of the WWTP for meat processing industry

Processing of meat and the production of various products such as ham or smoked products, produce wastewater with heavy pollution. Flows can reach up to 800 cubic meters per day. This is the capacity of the wastewater treatment plant which Hydrotech recently completed and commissioned. The treatment process is composed of mechanical pre-treatment by means of a rotating screen and it also consists of a flotation unit. The final treatment takes place in the biological stage of the WWTP and tertiary treatment by means of sand filters. In this project, we also focused on removing the odour that is typical for such wastewater.

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Water demand increase of 50 % estimated by 2030. We should focus more on wastewater treatment


The importance of wastewater treatment is growing. Most of the used water in the world is still not regulated, which causes major pollution.

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