Taking care of our customer Rajo, a.s.

Couple months have passed since Rajo, a.s. dairy waste water treatment plant start-up. We are glad that the required effluent limits are met and the plant works well. Priceless advantage is that Hydrotech and Rajo, a.s. are in a close geographical vicinity and therefore our chemical technologist and our service regularly visit the WWTP. Never-ending will to have good relationships is what our company does constantly.

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Hydrotech usual Christmas meeting


Hydrotech employees met at pre-Christmas meeting last December. The official part summarized the last year, plans for the next one was mentioned,...

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Hydrotech was awarded with a project involving the WWTP for syrups manufacturing company


Hydrotech has again confirmed its qualities in Russia where we succeeded in being awarded a project which includes execution of the WWTP for a...