Wastewater treatment plant intensification in PIKA Bzenec (CZ) factory

A new IC reactor start-up is planned in PIKA Bzenec cannery in August. The factory is increasing production and the hydraulic loading at WWTP is increasing, too. That is why the customer has decided to intensify their plant, which will include extending the existing anaerobic volume with a new same size IC reactor. Part of the intensification will be the installation of more powerful pumps for IC, new biogas treatment ( gasholder with flare for burning excess biogas), increasing of NaOH preparation unit capacity, waste air treatment and new aeration system in the post-aeration tanks. The WWTP capacity will increase from 733 to 1 100 m3/d. Mass loading will change from 5 000 to 7 500 kg/d with 85 % efficiency of COD removal.

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