Parmalat JSC, Belgorod, Russia

Belgorod Dairy, Parmalat, Russia, 2017

The Wastewater Treatment Plant ensures the treatment of industrial effluent (wastewater, WW) produced at Parmalat JSC “Belgorod Dairy Factory”. There had been no WWTP before we have built the new one. The dairy factory discharged WW into the local urban sewer system without any purification. Nowadays, treated wastewater is discharged into the local sewer system. Despite the fact the treated WW does not flow to a watercourse the limits are quite strict but there is no problem to comply with them though.


Design parameters
3 000     mg/l
1 800     mg/l

Operational phase
2 006 mg/l
1 603 mg/l


Legislative requirements
500 mg/l
214 mg/l

Operational phase
101 mg/l
60 mg/l


Legislative requirements
83 %

Operational phase
95 %
96,3 %


Capacity :  40 000 PE , 1 600 m3/d
Type of wastewater:  Industrial / dairy production

Mechanical pretreatment: pumping station, fine screens, buffer tank, dissolved flotation unit

Aerobic biological treatment of wastewater: selector, denitrification, nitrification, regeneration, and sedimentation tanks

Surplus sludge treatment with dewatering line: partial stabilization and dewatering by centrifuge

Waste air treatment by means of bioscrubber.


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