City that needs a reconstruction of a wastewater treatment plant

It is a well-known phenomenon that the number of inhabitants of the capital of Slovakia and in its surroundings is constantly growing. This situation affects the entire infrastructure as well as the requirements for the capacity of sewer and wastewater treatment plants. That is why Hydrotech has recently been working on an execution project for such a municipality. This project involved equipping a new WWTP line, increasing sludge amount for pollution removal and overall modernization of the facility.

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It is so big that you can see it on maps: take a look at the Great Pacific Garbage Patch


Estimates say that the patch is made up of 80,000 tons of garbage. Currently, its area is comparable to the size of Europe.

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The ugly truth: how fast fashion pollutes our drinking water


The fast fashion industry has become one of the biggest polluters of the environment including drinking water.