Beginning of the construction of a new wastewater treatment plant in the Russian federation

Another project arises from paper form and is becoming a reality. Wastewater treatment plant in the southwest of The Russian Federation is in a process of building and assembling of the technological part. The size of the wastewater treatment plant could be compared to the city with 120 000 inhabitants. The start up of the WWTP is planned for the end of spring 2019. Well, good luck to our employees working during tough Russian winter.


Excel training – 2nd round

There was a Microsoft Excel training early this November which was organized for employees who did not take part in previous summer training. They have been trained in intermediate level and topics such as formatted tables, datasheets, types of formatting, pivot tables etc. were taught. We believe the work and workplace for our employees will be more comfortable and we are glad about development of their skills.


Successful final inspection of WWTP in the Rajo a.s. dairy

Successful final inspection of waste water treatment plant for our customer Rajo a.s. (Meggle group) was completed. The autumn 2018 will be added to the Hydrotech archive with this note. WWTP started to run in automatic mode after more than half a year of planning, building parts and technology assembles. After competent authorities visit the WWTP operation was approved. Next few months it will be run in a trial operation, when the last parameters will be optimally set. Everything takes place in the suppliers´ - Hydrotech and customers´ - Rajo a.s. cooperation.


Hydrotech participated at the Wastewater 2018 conference in the High Tatras

As wastewater and water treatment are fields which are constantly changing, three employees from the Slovak part of Hydrotech and our colleague from Czech Hydrotech attended the conference called „Wastewater 2018“ in the Highs Tatras. The aim was to listen and to discuss various topics connected with wastewater treatment (project realization and operation of WWTP, legislation, research, etc.) in Slovakia, Czech Republic and partly abroad. Maintaining relationships with experts and meeting new people from this field was the second important purpose of the journey.


Autumn informal meeting of Hydrotech employees

It seems that autumn teambuilding with roasted lamb and other tasty dishes is going to become a rule in the Slovak company´s headquarters. There was no lack of good quality homemade wine, hence, the village Vinosady is area filled with vineyards. It is obvious that the company takes care in sustaining of the community spirit at the workplace and creates enough space for informal conversations without business topics. Such an afternoon can never be useless.


Participation at ECWATECH 2018 in Moscow

The Russian Federation is one of the countries where Hydrotech has implemented several projects and others are going to be implemented. Therefore, we have spent several days in Moscow at the international exhibition ECWATECH 2018. Our employees met some well-known customers and discussed with many others who expressed an interest in being informed, consulting or just having an interesting talk about wastewater treatment.


Export of material for the implementation of the freshest project in Russia

Slowly we are getting to the point of assembling the technology of one of our freshest projects in the Russian Federation. Our company´s venue in Vinosady, Slovakia is full of finished or under-construction tanks, electrical switchboards and even imported machinery. Everything is being prepared for export and a long way to the east.


How to become a guru in work with Microsoft Excel

In order to improve the quality and efficiency of our employees' work, two-day training was organized on working with Microsoft Excel, led by a professional trainer. Many employees commended the level, flexibility and practicality of the course. In the near future, we expect another identical training for employees who did not attend the first course.


Sludge dewatering process optimization at our customer with help of our technologists

The main objective of the wastewater treatment plant at the factory for the production of baking additives, confectionery, dairy products and others was to solve the deficient dewatering of excess sludge originating in the flotation unit and in the biological system. After our visit the dewatered sludge was not liquid but had a consistency of a paste. The quality of centrifuged water on the centrifuge - fugate has also improved.


Meeting of Slovak and Russian Hydrotechs in Vinosady

At the beginning of July, we organized a meeting of Slovak and Russian colleagues in Vinosady. The meeting aimed to exchange experience from project implementation in the Russian Federation. At the meeting, besides technical details, topics related to the organization of export, construction and assembly were also discussed. We will organize this meeting regularly. We believe that we will move on to more efficient and higher quality services for our customers.


USA Distillery

After a few months, we finished work with a small scale model of high-load anaerobic IC reactor. In the assignment, the customer asked us to investigate the possibility of wastewater treatment in an anaerobic way for the emerging American distillery. It has been confirmed that the water from this production is a good substrate and the treatment efficiency is around 90%. Our company is interested in whether and how the implementation of this project will advance.


Russian Federation

Several colleagues from our design department traveled to the Russian Federation. One group to visit customers in Volgograd, where Hydrotech will realize one of the largest and most sophisticated industrial wastewater treatment plants in its history. The second part of the colleagues went to the town of Kozhevnikovo for a local brewery where the membrane filter modules (MBR system) were also installed.


Meeting of all HYDROTECH directors

After a long time, a meeting of all the directors of the HYDROTECH Group was held. Meeting took place at Hotel Zochova Chata in Slovakia. At the meeting, we welcomed the HYDROTECH directors from Russia, Latvia, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland. Meetings were also attended by the President of the Group Mr. Ioannis Hadjivassilis and members of the Board of Directors HYDROTECH, a.s. - Mr Dušan Vančo and Mr Chrysanthos Mavrommatis.


Czecho-Slovak HYDROTECH meeting

Even after a long break, we managed to organize a meeting of our and Czech colleagues. This time the organization of the meeting was in the hands of Slovak Hydrotech, so we organized the meeting in the royal town of Skalica near the Slovak-Czech border. After a tour of the town and the production of the traditional pastry called Skalický trdelník we have followed a cultural program with wine tasting. Despite the rainy weather, the meeting was rated very well. We are looking forward to the next meeting in the Czech Republic.


New organic mowers

After a successful last year's breeding of a small group of lambs, we started again this year. For a few weeks a small herd passes behind our warehouse and lab. In addition to many other benefits, these animals bring finely mowed lawn. With a slight imagination it then reminds us the lawns in Versailles gardens.