Export of material for the implementation of the latest project in Russia

We are expecting to install our freshest waste water treatment plant (WWTP) in Russian Federation. The Hydrotech´s area in Vinosady, Slovakia is full of finished or still in process of manufacturing tanks, electrical switchboards or even imported machines. Everything is slowly prepared for shipping and far a long way to the east.


How to become a program Excel master

Two-day training with program Microsoft Excel for our employees was organized to improve their work quality and effectivity. The professional trained us to work fast and comfortably. Many colleagues praised the level, practicality and flexibility of the course. In the near future, there will be another identical training for that people who did not attend the previous one.


Hydrotech visited costumer because of lower performance of dewatering sludge process

The main purpose of our visit was to solve insufficient dewatering of surplus sludge creating in biological process and in the Dissolved air flotation unit. That was the most important issue for costumer´s waste water treatment plant dealing with waters from the production of ingredients for the bakery, confectionery, ice-cream and catering industries. After all, dewatered sludge was not liquid but it was in the paste consistency. The quality of supernatant after centrifuge was also improved.


Session of Slovak and Russian Hydrotechs and improving their mutual cooperation

At the very beginning of July Slovak part of Hydrotech organized a long-awaited meeting with Russian colleagues in Vinosady, Slovakia. The aim of meeting was an experience exchange of realizations our projects in Russian federation. Beside technical details, topics related to the organization of export, construction and assembly were also discussed. Events like that we are going to organize regularly. We hope now we have shifted our business to more effective and better quality services for our customer.


Distillery USA

We have just finished an experiment with semi pilot high loaded anaerobic IC reactor. We had been asked by costumer to explore if wastewater from emerging distillery is suitable for anaerobic processes. It has been confirmed that wastewater from this production is appropriate to be treated in IC reactor and treatment efficiency reached values about 90 %. Our company is interested in whether and how the implementation of this project will advance.


Russian Federation

Several employees from our design department traveled to the Russian Federation to visit some of our customers. The first group met custumers in Volgograd where Hydrotech is going to execute one of the most extensive and the most complicated industrial wastewater treatment plants in its history. Another group went to town Kozhevnikovo in the middle Russia to see a plant of a local brewery where membrane filter modules (MBR system) are installed.


Meeting of all Hydrotech group directors

After quite a long time a meeting of all Hydrotech group directors was conducted. The event was held at the Hotel Zochova Chata in Slovakia. At the meeting we welcomed Hydrotech´s directors from Russia, Latvia, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland. Meetings were also attended by the president of the Group Mr. Ioannis Hadjivassilis and the member of the board of directors of Hydrotech a.s. - Mr. Dušan Vančo and Mr. Chrysanthos Mavrommatis.


Meeting of Slovak and Czech HYDROTECHs

Finally, the meeting of our two Hydrotechs was conducted in May after quite a long period, but fortunately we managed it. This time it was Slovak´s turn in organizing this event and that’s why we met in the royal town of Skalica near the Slovak-Czech border. There was a culture program with wine tasting after the guided tour of the old town and small factory producing traditional sweet pastry “Skalický trdelník”. Despite the rainy weather this event was rated very well by employees. We are already looking forward to another meeting in the Czech Republic.


New ecological mower

We have obtained new male lambs after successful breeding a small group of them last year. There has been grazing of a small herd going on in the backyard behind our warehouse and laboratory for few last weeks. In addition to many other benefits these animals are also able to delicately mow the lawn. Hence, with a slight imagination our yard might remind you of the lawns in the gardens of Versailles.