About the company

Know our history and values

Hydrotech began writing its history in 1978. The first company Hydrotech (Water and Environmental Engineering) Ltd, which succeeded in implementing large number of projects was established in Cyprus. It could then expand to other countries of the world with an intesion to help bringing water back to life.

In 1991, Hydrotech, Inc. started its activity in Slovakia and in 1993 it expanded under the name of Hydrotech, Ltd. also to the Czech Republic. It is currently also operating in Russia, Latvia, Egypt and Poland. Although the headquarters of the company are located in different countries, they all share a common mission - to protect water, to use it wisely and to bring it back to life.

Modern technologies of Hydrotech

High cleaning efficiency
(BAT application)

Reliability and low failure of machines and equipment

Low investment and operating costs

Return on investment and operating costs

What do we do?

Hydrotech employs nearly 100 specialists with significant professional knowledge and years of experience in the fields of water technology, construction, mechanical and electrical engineering, automation, economics, marketing and logistics. However, our team members are also technical staff of various fields.

The whole Hydrotech team works together to provide our clients with high-quality WWTPs using modern sophisticated technologies. Whether it is a sewage treatment plant or an industrial WWTP, our team is always ready to help, advise and deliver solutions tailored to your specific case.

4 continents, 20 countries, hundreds of wastewater treatment plants

With 40 years of Hydrotech's existence, more than 800 of wastewater treatment plants have been built.
Today they serve communities, cities, towns and industrial enterprises in 20 countries of the world.

  • Food industry
  • Paper/pulp industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Car industry