How to become a guru in work with Microsoft Excel

In order to improve the quality and efficiency of our employees' work, two-day training was organized on working with Microsoft Excel, led by a professional trainer. Many employees commended the level, flexibility and practicality of the course. In the near future, we expect another identical training for employees who did not attend the first course.

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9 countries that consume the biggest amount of water


Look at the list of countries currently spending the most of the water on the planet on the smooth running of the industry and households.

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Useful but harmful. How washing clothes made from synthetic materials causes ocean pollution?


Synthetic fibres have good elasticity, dry fast, and keep warm. However, if you wash them in a washing machine, you send out thousands of plastic...

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Water in the oceans also poses a risk of radioactive waste contamination in addition to pollution caused by plastics. What danger does it represent?


The dumping of waste on the seabed began to be subject to active international regulations only in the 1970s.