Sour water in the oceans takes a chance for survival from all fish

Recent research by British scientists at the University of Exeter has shown that increasing CO2 in the atmosphere has a direct impact on fish health in the oceans. Research would not be so important to the general public unless it concerns the types of fish that we put on a plate daily.

World oceans are becoming more acidic

Scientists have been studying the process  in which carbon dioxide (CO2) in sea water is converted to carbonic acid (H2CO3). They found that this acid adversely affects the fish's brain center for smell.

CO2 level is risingFor the last period, the CO2 level has increased by about 43% compared to normal. It is assumed that by the end of the 21st century the CO2 level will grow to two and a half times.

Sense of smell is vitally important to fish because it helps them find food, safe haven, warns them from coming predators, helps them get to know each other or find a place to breed.

What´s the impact?

High carbonic acid levels in the seas will in the future affect the health of economically important fish species. Those that are hunted especially for business and direct consumption in restaurants and homes.

acidity of the oceans rises

Scientists, for example, in 2015 examined the development and behavior of popular pink salmon. They found that in acidic water adult salmon reached only half their average size and weight.

In addition, carbonic acid has influenced its ability to recognize the river stream that should safely bring it to its place of birth.

According to scientists, it can threaten not only their further catches but also cause problems for other animal species that are directly dependent on this salmon.

Acidic oceans cause fish to dieThis weakened pink salmons have a very low chance of survival because they are unable to breed.

Acidis water is also a problem of insufficient waste management

We find the pH value on a special litmus paper scale that shows a range of values ​​from 0 to 14. Any number below 7 indicates acidic water over 7 it represents alkaline water.

In nature, acidic water with pH of about 6.5 is harmless.

acidity table

However, if the acidity of the water falls below this level, aquatic animals in the affected areas may suffer from various serious health problems or death may occur.

Critical valuesList of critical values ​​of acidic pH in water in which aquatic animals begin to experience health problems. Source:

In addition to aquatic animals, people and their households may also be directly threatened by the occurrence of acidic water.

How do you know that water which you use in your household is acidic?

If you experience any of these symptoms, it is likely that you have acidic water at home:

  • water has an acidic or metallic flavor

  • rust forms quickly in your water piping

  • the holes are formed in the piping and it becomes very brittle

  • the water leaves blue-green stains on your clothes

  • in a bath tub or on a sink you have blue-green stains after the dried water

How to realize acidic waterSource:

Domestic acidic water may be caused by wastewater leak from a nearby mine or inadequate treatment of other industrial waste water.

However, the fact remains that even a small bias from a neutral pH can make the water flow, the water stand and its surroundings out of balance for quite a long time.

Where to find a solution?

It is an unpleasant fact that we can avoid the over-presence of CO2 in the air only if global measures are taken to gradually minimize it.looking for global solutions

This complex procedure also includes:

As individuals, we can barely influence the greenhouse effect and its impact on our planet but it is important to realize that any major change begins with a local change in the behavior of one or more people at once.

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