Potato processing industry also requires waste water treatment

One of the biggest potatoes-processors in the Czech Republic has decided to invest effort into its wastewater treatment. The key project idea was to treat whole volume of wastewater and its reuse back in the production process. Wastewater coming from potatoes peels and washing include, in addition to organic pollution (COD), also contamination with undissolved substances in grams or tens of grams per litre. The technology consists of mechanical pre-treatment, biological treatment specifically denitrification and nitrification (nitrogen removal), tertiary treatment involving a sand filtration and water sanitation by UV radiation. The sludge dewatering line involves a centrifuge. Wastewater treatment plant is designed as for 426 PE. The hydraulic capacity is designed for approximately 100 m3/day. The treating efficiency is as follows: COD > 95 %, total phosphorus > 90 %, BOD > 99 %, TSS > 99,99 %.

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