Scraping device reconstruction for the WWTP settling tank with a capacity of up to 1,000 m3/h

Since November 2020, a system for scraping the bottom of the settling tank for a major producer of refinery, petrochemical and agrochemical products is already in permanent operation. Any reconstruction and thorough care of the technological equipment is very important for such an installation as the plant´s flow reaches up to 1,000 cubic meters per hour.

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Water demand increase of 50 % estimated by 2030. We should focus more on wastewater treatment


The importance of wastewater treatment is growing. Most of the used water in the world is still not regulated, which causes major pollution.

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Farmers are fighting global drought. The crop is being grown on sewage from the toilets


From 2014, approximately 28% of the water used for irrigation in Cyprus comes from local wastewater treatment plants.