9 countries that consume the biggest amount of water

Look at the list of countries currently spending the most of the water on the planet on the smooth running of the industry and households.


According to statistics, the population of China spends 1370 trillion liters of water a year. That puts it on the list of countries with the largest water consumption in the world.

In the capital city - Beijing in 2016 about 173,000 liters of water per capita was consumed, which is still 10,000 liters of water less than in the previous year.

consumption of water in china

In 2015, the Chinese government adopted a long-term plan called Water ten, which should make a significant reduction in its overall water footprint in the coming years. By 2020, the country has committed itself to reducing its consumption at 670 billion liters of water a year.

United States of America

The United States of America has been among the world's largest water consumers regularly for several decades.

US water consumption
Average domestic water consumption in relation to US States. Source:

The US population of approximately 300 million inhabitants spends an average of 817 billion liters of water a year.

Countries like California and Texas spend water mainly on irrigation of agricultural land, as there are regularly large droughts in these areas that destroy a significant part of the crop.

water consumption in the United States of America

An industrial east coast, on the contrary, uses water primarily for electricity, heat and production.

New Zealand

In 2016, New Zealand also got to the top of the list. At present, it is characterized by increasing industrial progress, which makes it increasingly necessary to use water for production.

consumption of water in New Zealand

However, New Zealanders spend too much in their homes, up to 227 liters a day, which is four times the recommended average.

Approximately 70% of the water is consumed by personal hygiene and around 20% in the kitchen and for laundry.


Another country with a huge water track is Brazil. It consumes averaged 359 billion liters of water per year.

water consumption in Brazil

However, the Brazilian government is on the alert because the most prosperous regions of Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Minas Gerais with over 32 million inhabitants are almost without water supplies.

This alarming situation is caused by El Niño phenomenon, excessive grazing of the forests and pumping of groundwater for irrigation purposes.

Irrigation in Brazil


Russia is spending an average of 268 billion liters of water per year. In 2017 even the consumption of bottled water began to rise because water quality in the water supply is very low in many places of the country.

Although there are up to ⅕ freshwater supplies in the planet located in Russia, the even distribution of clean water across the country is very problematic.

water consumption in Russia

However, according to research, residents of the most precarious regions of the Arctic, Siberian and Far East range from 125 to 340 liters of water per day, which is often chemically or otherwise contaminated.


Mexicans consume about 200 billion liters of water each year, although in many places the quality of the Mexican does not meet the recommended criteria.

This water is mostly used for irrigation of agricultural land and, to a much lesser extent, in households.

water consumption in Mexico
Distribution of water by industry. Source: Tony Burton / Geo-Mexico, 2010,

Since 1985, when the country suffered a severe earthquake, demand for clean bottled water increased. In 2014, Mexico even gained the lead in the amount of bottled water sold and purchased in the world.


Canada is also the home of ⅕  of clean, fresh water in the world. In 2013, up to 38,300 million cubic liters of water was harvested from the Canadian rivers, lakes and adjacent seas, with the most of it consumed in energy and heat production.

water consumption in Canada

According to statistics, the average Canadian spends about 329 liters of water per day, with up to 65% of it is being used in bathrooms for personal hygiene.

Up to 68% of water supplies travel to the manufacturing industry, 20% are consumed in the already mentioned households and 12% in agriculture.

use of water in Canada
Percental distribution of water in Canadian households. Source:


According to the most recent information, the inhabitants of the Perth region are worst affected by water. In one household they consume an average of up to 327,000 liters of water, which exceeds the national annal average by almost a half.

water consumption in Australia

The national average is about 340 liters of water a day per citizen. It is mind-bending that up to 35% of the water is used by Australians to irrigate their gardens and 19% of water to flush toilets.


One UK citizen consumes about 141 liters of water a day, with an average consumption in the country of about 75 billion liters of water a year.

water consumption in England

Britons use up to 30% of this total water volume for fushing of the toilets. This is followed by 21% water for washing, 25% water for personal hygiene, 12% water used in the kitchen and for drinking, 8% water for outdoor lawn maintenance, and up to 5% of unused water escapes into the sewer.

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