Anaerobic reactor start-up in the starch factory´s wastewater treatment plant

A waste water treatment plant in starch factory was built in Kaluga city (south of Moscow) two years ago. After stabilization of the production processes, a highloaded IC reactor was ready for start-up. Hydrotech technologists from Latvia, Russia and Slovakia faced several difficulties as low quality and activity of granular sludge, sludge washout, etc., but at the end of the day the process was successfully run in.

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A very simple way to clean 100 cubic meters of wastewater a day


In cooperation with our Czech part of the Hydrotech group, we have started to prepare documentation for two smaller food factories with a daily flow...

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How can we help with state-of-the-art wastewater treatment technologies in Slovakia?


In one of my previous blog posts I have been writing about why we have very few top technologies beeing commonly used in the field of wastewater...

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Pilot tests end in the textile industry


After several weeks of pre-treatment pilot tests of wastewater from the textile industry on Dissolved Air Flotation unit (DAF), we ended the testing...