The liter of beer consumes up to 60 liters of water. High water consumption will have to be sharply limited by beer producers.

Carlsberg has pledged to reduce its water consumption by 50% by 2030.

Lovers of dewyed hops, few of you probably suspect that the brewery needs up to 60 liters of water on average to make one liter of your favorite drink. The good news is that some of the world breweries have started to regulate water consumption some years ago.

According to the 2014 World Water Report, up to 70% of water is used in agricultural production but only 3% of it is recycled. Unfortunately, for environmentally-concious beer consumers,beer production also belongs to this category.

Consumption of water in the brewery

How large is the beer water trail?

Since beer is composed mainly of water, breweries around the world have gradually become aware of the growing pressure of the society to its responsible use.

On average, the water consumption per liter of beer ranges from five to six gallons. The 2009 survey showed that the SABMiller Brewery consumed 155 liters of water to produce 1 liter of beer.

Beerwater-track With innovative technologies, water consumption regulation and capability to reuse wastewaterbecomes much more easier.

Breweries on the way to regulation

However, this negative result has tried to be reversed by breweries in recent years.

Both large and small breweries take steps to help them enter the water sustainability era. In particular, the installation of more efficient wastewater treatment plants, better bacterial illumination, a more efficient boiler and a cooler are effective.

One of Europe's most famous breweries, Carlsberg, has pledged to reduce its water consumption by 50% by 2030. Moreover, in addition to its own reduction, it also seeks to assist its suppliers or the third parties with whom it trades.

Carlsberg will reduce its water consumption

Other brewing compan, AB InBev, managed a hurdle. Its water consumption will soon reach the 3 to 1 ratio which was so far managed by only one small craft brewery Full Sail from the USA.

The Texas´ Altstadt brewery, with its own wastewater treatment plant, can reuse up to 90% of its treated wastewater.

Recycling of wastewater in brewery Source:

Brewers are “saved“ by Hydrotech-group

We are far from being beginners in this field. That is also proven by many years of experience in the field of wastewater management for the beer industry.

Worldwide protection of water systems and their preservation for future generations is ensured by installing efficient wastewater treatment systems.

Wastewater treatment plants have already been installed by us, for example, in the famous Russian Efes brewery in Vladivostok or in the subsidiary of Danish Carlsberg in Cyprus.

Wastewater treatment plant CarlsbergWastewater Treatment Plant at Carlsberg in Cyprus.

Would you also like us to consult, design, install or repair your wastewater treatment plant? Please contact our specialists.

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